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Mobile Applications Development

Applications DevelopmentThe number of smartphones in use has exceeded 1.5 billion and it is estimated to double in 2015. As much as 65% of smartphone users prefer mobile browsers to the ones on their desktops or notebooks. Only last year, more than 45 billion mobile apps were downloaded.

It is not a question of ‘if’, it is ‘how‘ your existing business or start-up participates in the mobile world. Because we’ve got the know-how, we’ll be happy to take your business to the mobile side.


Our team will guide you through all stages of mobile application development, from the first, hazy concept to the final, beautiful app.


Even the brightest idea and a stunning design are not enough to create a popular app. No worries though! Our creative team is there to roll out a persuasive promotion powered by social media, mailings, press releases and whatever is necessary to lift it up.


We have invaluable experience drawn from working on both commercial applications and internal projects. No matter what we create, we do it with passion – from smart B2B solutions to rich multimedia entertainment applications.


  • iOS > The first of smartphone platforms which, consequently, accounts for most of our mobile experience. With nearly 50 iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps in our portfolio, some of which reached #1 in the Polish section of App Store, we feel confident that no iOS challenge is too hard for us. Most of the time we recommend our clients consider developing universal iOS application projects. It at the same time makes you and your clients platform independent and cost effective, cause it adds a very little effort and resource, depending on the size of your project, to the workload taken during the designing and optimisation stage of an iPhone application.
  • Android >Currently the largest smartphone market, Android is also our area of mobile expertise. We’ve got nearly 6000 hours of Android coding on the counter, accounting for a multitude of native apps for healthcare, telecommunication, finance, e-commerce, entertainment and transport industries. Our portfolio guarantees we can handle any Android project you might have in mind.
  • Windows >The youngest of popular mobile platforms has entered the market recently. It begins to gain popularity right now, but we’re already experienced: over 2000 hours developing Windows Phone apps for tourism and IT industries. Not many businesses have Windows Phone apps so far – join the pioneers with us.                      ..Contact Us..

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